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  • Day 5 - Propel Your Next Steps Master 

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Dear Kingdom Coach,
Are you ready to unlock the secrets to purpose-driven profit and pave your way to success?
 I have some exciting news that will make your challenges even better and attract more people than ever before! 

One of the greatest struggles every New Coach faces is chasing people to join the challenge and make sales.
Every day, the same thing happens; you might be sending lots of messages, and emails, and hoping someone will attend your challenge but instead, you`re hearing crickets... and a small voice in your head is telling you:
"I can not do it, I don't know why it does work for me" and repeats itself.
You might be facing a fear of failure, or lack of confidence, or even crippling anxiety.
Hoping one day to finally take off your business, experience freedom and really start living the life you want.

Hey, I am The "Go -To " Coach Nadezhda Khvorostian, the founder of the Next Step Movement (TM).

About 4 years ago, I was in the same position as you`re right now. This reminds me of my experience that I recently had just before I was about to launch my first challenge, as I hit the button, and disaster stuck- my funnel did not work.

I spent three days for tech support to assist me and guide me in the right direction instead I had a lack of response.
Fortunately, I had a mentor who overlooked my funnel and in a short 19 min video gave me feedback on how to build a profitable challenge that sells. 
Since 2020 I’ve helped dozens of new coaches to lay their foundation and get to the next step in their business by running challenges, and starting today, this is your opportunity to do the same in a highly interactive experience, like one of my beta testers Rachel who already ran 5 profitable challenges with one-page funnel.
Today that’s about to change for you too.

I created the 5-day Proven Pathway Challenge, where we reveal a proven framework designed to transform your passion into profit.
In today's competitive world, finding fulfillment while generating income can seem like an elusive dream. 
But fear not, because The Proven Pathway Challenge is here to guide you on your journey towards 
purpose-driven prosperity.
What makes The Proven Pathway Challenge unique? 

It's not just another challenge promising quick fixes or overnight success. Instead, it's a comprehensive framework that empowers you to align your passions, personal message, proven process and life purpose to create a desired pay day.

Throughout the challenge, you'll gain access to:
Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned coaches and industry experts who have successfully turned their passions into profit. Benefit from their insights, strategies, and proven techniques.

Practical Exercises: Dive deep into actionable exercises designed to help you uncover your passions, define your purpose, and develop a clear roadmap for success.

Supportive Community: Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are on a similar journey towards purpose-driven profit. Share ideas, seek advice, and celebrate milestones together.

Accountability: Stay accountable to your goals with regular check-ins, progress tracking, and support from our dedicated team of mentors and coaches.

Proven Results: The Proven Pathway Challenge isn't just theory; it's backed by real results. Witness firsthand how participants have transformed their lives and businesses by following our proven framework.

Are you ready to take the first step towards a life of purpose, passion, and profit? 

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The "Go-To" Coach
Nadezhda Khvorostian

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Who Is This Challenge For?

This Coaching Training Is For New Kingdom Coaches 
Who Are Ready To Take A First Step To Get Their Message Out 
With Proven Pathway To Proven Success. 

First thing first. We will walk you through strategies that 
we used to design and run challenges that work for clients.

The Proven Pathway Challenge Made 
For Passion-Driven Kingdom Coaches.

Get Your Tribe Out There & Put Your Ideas Into ACTION!!!


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Get Ready To Witness An Incredible Journey And Learn... 


>> How To Master The Art of Challenge Design 

>> How To Unlock The Secrets Of Building A Thriving Online Business With                               Challenge Framework

>> How To Achieve A Financial Freedom With The 3-Step Plan


Meet Your Challenge Coach...

Nadezhda Khvorostian

  • I`m The "Go-To" Coach
  • ​Founder of the Next Step Movement(™), a business coaching program. 
  • ​International  Speaker, Teacher, and Educator
  • Business Coach: Trained In The Challenge Framework 
  • Certified Speaker by Les Brown "Hungry For Greatness" Academy
  • Certified By Tony Robbins And Dean Graziosi (KBB)
  • ​Trained And Certified by T. Harv Eker "The Secrets Of The Multi-Millionaire"
  • Certified 100X Coach​
  • ​I`m on a mission to assist not one, not ten, but a whopping 1000 ambitious, self-motivated and action-oriented Coaches, Consultants who have been assigned to a Kingdom. 
  • ​I`m equipped with a powerful 5-step blueprint that will help build a profitable business with stress-free tech in no time, without being exhausted or overworked. 
  • ​Now let me show you Why I do what I do.

The "Go-To" Coach Nadezhda Has Learned From The Best In Industry.
Now She Wants To Share Her Wisdom With You!

Lisa Sasevich "Speak To Sell"
Be Confident And Learn To Sell Without Selling

Transformational Leader & Master Coach, Founder/CEO of Niurka,
Inc. since 2000 Creator of Life-Changing Experiences

Tony Robbins "Unleash The Power Within", Canada

International Speaker

Shared The Virtual Stage With Les Brown At The "Rise Up" Summit.

Lake Las Vegas, NV
Interviewed By Nichole C.

Int. Speaker at The Sweet Women Business Network UK

Int. Speaker at Global Symposium for Mothers

What Others Are Saying About Nadezhda...

Debbie Kaminski,

Founder of Goodbye Past... Hello Purpose, Creator of the Mom & Me Ignite Joy Project, USA

Adaobi Onyekweli, 

Emcee & Moderator, Reinvention Coach, UK

Liz Blake

Business Mentor and Leadership Coach, Australia

NOT Convinced? Hear What Past Challenge Takets Are Have To Say!

See You Inside The Community! 

Featured On Social Media

Shared The Stage With
Mr. Les Brown,
Motivational Speaker

Featured In The WOMEN BUSINESS Magazine,
Jan. 2022

Featured In The Women Business Magazine,
Nov. 2022

Interviewed on USAGLOBALTV Show 


So if this speaks to you and you`re ready to join the ranks of these successful individuals, don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!
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